Recipes > Paraformaldehyde 4%, 100ml pH 7.4


Name Stock MW or Conc. Final Conc. Weight or Volume
ddH2O (up to) 100 ml
paraformaldehyde 4g
NaOH 10M a drop
PBS 10X 1X 10ml


1 Add 86ml ddH2O in an erlenmeyer
2 Boil water in the microwave
3 Weigh 4g of PFA
4 Transfer PFA in the erlenmeyer
5 Add a clean stirring bar
6 Add a drop of NaOH 10M
7 Stir it and keep it hot (heat gently) till it goes clear (DO NOT LET PFA BOIL)
8 Place on ice to cool it down
9 Adjust volume to 90ml
10 Add 10ml PBS 10X
11 Adjust pH to 7.4